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About US

NDSS has a broad experience in delivering enterprise wide range of worry-free IT solutions and systems integration services. In addition, NDSS is a leader in physical and logical security integration and implementation, protecting different size organizations with various levels of complexities, offering design, supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of systems equipment and services to several domestic, retail, commercial and industrial premises. Each of our offerings gives business owners the freedom to focus on managing their business—not their network.


To be a top performing one-stop IT supplier who gives added value to customers through expert technical advise and consistent development via innovation in our products portfolio.


To be a market leader that provides total solutions in the form of comprehensive, specialty and innovative integration.

Core Value

We take every development as a challenge by being resourceful, consistent and persistent.


We believe in continuous collaboration with all our strategic partners, suppliers and customers to deliver outstanding goods and services on a long term and consistent Basis.


We concentrate on the fast growing and emerging industries by focusing on the niche market segment.


We are always alert to the changes in the business environment by reacting immediately via prompt feed forward to customer and feedback to supplier.


We indentify untapped market by going where there is no competition and creating a new range of products, services and business models before the competitors catches on.
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